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Floss, reimagined
for the adult palate

Hand-spun floss in flavours such as Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel, Davidson Plum Lemon and Lychee Raspberry, inspired by all things seasonal, natural and a bit out of the ordinary. 



Customer Love

"Thank you once again for being part of our day. The fairy floss was definitely the most loved and talked about addition to our wedding, and I can't believe how well you nailed the custom flavour profile of the Pakistani dessert! Thank you once again!"

Natasha & Baraat

"One of the highlights of our wedding! You were amazing!"

Julianne & Liam

"We just wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you to you for being such an amazing part of our wedding!! Our friends and family cannot stop talking about how delicious the fairy floss was (us included!!). Flossy was definitely a huge highlight of our day (as you can clearly tell by our excited faces in the photos)!"

Julz and Ben

Turn Flossy into a mobile bar.

 Welcome your guests with floss topping glasses of bubbles or cocktails, creating a fun and nostalgic experience. 

"We met Flossy earlier this year, and the whole team instantly fell in love with her sugary heavenly offerings, but even more, we have all become obsessed with the creator Christina, one of the most delicious humans we know! Sweet as the floss she makes, she will add so much happiness to your day just by being present!"

Mandy / Ivy and Bleu Events

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